Just recently, (or unless you live under a rock) we have all been shocked by and disheartened by the travesty of justice that recently played itself out in the media. This particular devastating outcome brought to mind and confirmed, despite the fact that although we have come a long way as a country, we still have a long way to go. Evidence of this can be seen in several recently released movies that helps to bring  to our attention not only several pivotal events  in our country’s history but also has raised awareness regarding recent events that point out just how far we still have to go. With that said, it is at this moment that I will pause and congratulate  Civil Rights Living Legend, Dr. C.T. Vivian on his recent selection as a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom for all of his courage and tireless work during
the American Civil Rights Movement. It is men like this that have helped to pave the way for equal rights in this country for all people.
In addition to the many injustices that have occurred in the public sector, there have also been several situations affecting people close to my heart that have led me to ask myself a very important question, “What’s really
important in my life?”
I mean really, when was the last time that I actually took a personal survey of my life and stopped to appreciate the people that matter the most? Or do I have a habit of unknowingly taking them for granted? If, I’m honest with you and myself I would have to say “GUILTY AS CHARGED!” Let’s take a moment and really think about this. After taking responsibility for underappreciating those people that mean the most to me, I also came to the realization that adding my “two-cents” or opinions often times in the scheme of things, is not going to matter anyway. And by doing so, all it does is add strife in the midst of those relationships which results in a lack of peace.
Since starting out on this journey almost a year ago, there have been many challenges and adversaries who have tried to deter and discourage me from pursuing the calling that God has placed on my life. But I take comfort and have
faith that when God promotes and anoints you to do something, He will also give you what you need, when you need it in order to help you succeed at what He has purposed you to do. Your responsibility then is to have enough character in which to sustain you where God has promoted you to.  I would also like to point out that with each new level of promotion by God, there will oftentimes be a new devil or adversary that will try to stop you from accomplishing what you are purposed to achieve. So please don’t be fooled or discouraged and it is times like these that you need to
simply let your “Haters be your motivators!”
Now this brings me back to the reason for this post, which is to point out “What is it that really matters?” I’ve come to the conclusion that it is more peaceful and less stressful if I learn how to stop being my own worst enemy  and blocking my blessings because of my need to be right. Also, I have also learned how to stop and really smell the roses and appreciate all that God has blessed me with. This especially means my family, friends and loved ones! After all, life is too short and not one of us is privileged to know the timeline that God has planned for each of our lives. I say all that to say, “Don’t let another day go by without saying “I Love You” to those who mean the most to you.

 Lovingly dedicated to my cousin Rhonda and her family. I love you! “Weeping
may endure for a moment but joy comes in the morning light.” Psalm 30:5



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