As February has slipped by, we have just concluded the national celebration of
Black History Month. Even though the official celebration has concluded, I urge
you to continue your quest for knowledge in this area and learn about the many
sacrifices and contributions that were made by these courageous men and women
throughout this nation’s history. In doing so, I am also reminded about the
choices that also had to be made by many of these great historical icons. I’m
reminded that had it not been for the choices that they made at the time in
which they made them, the course of Black History as well as American History would be different.

When I really started thinking back about all the choices that I’ve made some good and some bad, I can honestly say that most of the bad choices that I have made where as a result of my not listening to my “inner voice” or to my
conscience which I say is also my God Voice. One case in particular that could have really been detrimental to my life’s path is when I think back to a relationship that I was involved in when I was younger. God clearly spoke to me
and told me that it wasn’t right for me and that I needed to walk away from it. But I allowed my emotions to have a vote and I didn’t listen to what God told me to do. I got caught up into the emotional aspect of it all and what felt good at
the time. (You know what they say, a brief moment of pleasure can cause a lifetime of pain) Well, long story short, the result of my disobedience was that I found myself in the midst of an emotionally abusive relationship that caused
me a lot of pain. Without going into detail, the choice that I made could have changed my life’s path dramatically and not for the better. Fortunately for me, God saw fit to grant be a way out of that situation and within a short period of
time which told me that He wanted to only teach me a lesson for not listening to His voice. I learned a lot from that that experience but the biggest lesson that I learned was that I needed to pay attention to my “God Voice” when it tells me
or shows me what to do. That wasn’t my battle to fight and I “Thank God” every day for intervening on my behalf.
Another area of my life that I can relate to where making the right choices has been  challenging is in the area of choosing the friendships that I have developed over the years. I have mentioned before that I strongly believe
that people come into our lives for a reason and a season. It is up to us to determine who is who and for what reason or length of time. I can specifically remember in the past year being challenged to discern a newly developing
friendship in my life. I can remember that I was excited about finding a new friend but then this person revealed to me another side of their personality and character that was definitely not in keeping with the path that I was
walking with God. In my spirit I didn’t feel comfortable, and I believe that God allowed me to see this side of that person early on so I could see what kind of drama I was getting ready to welcome into my life. This was a test that I passed because I paid attention to what was revealed to me which allowed me to make the conscious choice to simply pull back from the situation and to not to pursue the friendship. And mind you all without any confrontation.
What I had to also figure out with regards to making choices  in my journey is that I have to learn how to be an individual in my walk with God. After all, when it is all said and done, we will be judged as an individual
before Him. Think about this. God knows the plan He has for our lives and convicts us according to that plan. My plan is not going to be the same as anyone else’s plan so I have to be accountable for myself and to also be willing to accept not only the responsibility but also the consequences  of the choices that I make while at the same  time being aware of the lessons that God is trying to teach me along the way.
So with that said, once I was at a point where I was ready to let God have His way in my life, I was finally able  to choose to  diligently seek peace in my life. Mind you, this is a conscious decision that I have to make every day and one that I have to seek God’s help with. But I know that as long as I am willing to surrender  and ask God to fight my battles, He will see my faithfulness with the small things in my life and see fit to bless with more of what He has planned for my life. You’ve heard this before, “To whom much is given, much is required.” Just remember what the singer, Yolanda Adams says in one of her songs, The Battle is not Yours, it’s the Lord’s!”


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