During the past 13 1/2 yrs. that I worked for my former employer, I have been
privileged and honored to meet and build friendships with many people who have
had a  lasting impact on my life. Initially the thought of loosing these
friendships saddened me greatly. These were people who have supported,
encouraged and prayed me through a few of the most important and difficult
moments of my life. Let’s just take a look at that for a moment. If you really
think about it, the majority of us have spent a large portion of our lives with
the people that we work with. With that said,  these people then become a
sort of “work family” to us. Just to give you a personal example, I have worked
with a few of my colleagues during such times as when I lost my mother to lung
cancer (FYI: November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month), when I got married and
even through the birth of both of my children! I don’t know about you, but these
were significant moments in my life! I am a firm and true believer that God places people in our lives for a “reason and a season.” The key is in knowing how to discern who these people are, what is the “Reason” that they are in our life and when it is time to end that relationship because their “Season” has ended.

In my opinion, being able to deal with the loss of a job can be devastating on all levels, but it is how we choose to deal with the loss that will determine how we are able to press forward with what God has for us. I have mentioned in a previous post, that  I am a fan of Joyce Meyer, who happened to make a statement that has resonated with me since hearing it. Her statement was, “It is oftentimes difficult to walk away from things in our life when you don’t know what you are walking towards.” Now ask yourself, if this statement applies to you. When you really think about it, most of us feel like we are stuck for whatever reason or that we are simply afraid to step outside of our "Comfort Zone" into the unknown. I am going to share with you what fear means to me, “False-Evidence-Appearing-Real.” With that said, who are you going to believe, God or your fears?
To tell you the truth, when I found out that I was being laid off, I was actually somewhat relieved and thankful that God was giving me an opportunity to walk away without feeling like I was letting my colleagues down. What do I mean by this? I’ll explain. For months leading up to my layoff I had been praying and asking God to lead me into my true purpose and how I could best serve Him. Because honestly, I did not believe that what I was doing was what my 
purpose was supposed to be. However, I felt guilty about wanting to pursue other opportunities because I felt that I would be letting my colleagues down. The reason why is because at the time my department was extremely short staffed and I knew that my leaving would put an extra burden of responsibility on my colleagues. Well, you know how the story turned out, God closed that door for me.
The hardest part about being laid off has definitely been in dealing with the loss of daily interaction that I had with my colleagues and with the students that I have been privileged to know. I had to wake up and realize that just because I would be gone that I would hopefully not be forgotten. In this age of technology, it has become much easier to communicate more than ever. So although I am not physically there everyday, I know deep down that the friendships that I have built over the years, will not waiver and will continue beyond the corporate veil. After all, we are still very much alive and I have come to know in a very short amount of time that “There is life after layoff!”


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