Once I learned that I was being laid off, I had to realize that the so-called
“internal restructuring” taking place at my job, was not a personal attack
against me. I will be the first to admit that over the years this has been a
challenge for me. Why is this so hard for most people? I think that it is
largely due to the fact that it is human nature to think of ourselves as being
more important than we actually are. We have a tendency to not  look at the big picture. In “Corporate America” the big picture generally focuses on the goal of making money. “Companies are in the business to make money and the employees are just there to help them make it!”


For a very long time, I had a bad habit of taking things too personal. I
finally realized that all this did was cause unwanted stress and foster bad
relationships. Once I learned how to take responsibility for MY mistakes and actions, I started to enjoy life more and reduced my stress level significantly. I also increased my productivity at work simply because I had a better attitude. The change in my attitude made the most difference at home with my family relationships. It was the power of prayer that got me   to this point and it will continue to be the power of prayer that sustains me!

 In all honesty, for months leading up to the layoff, I had been feeling unfulfilled and feeling as though I was “going through the motions.” Have you ever felt that way? If you are honest with yourself, I am sure that you have. It
was during this time that I started to do some serious soul searching along with some serious praying for guidance. I
simply asked God to lead me where He wants me to be and to show me the purpose that He has for my life. Just remember, when you pray, you just might get what you ask for and sooner than you think!

 Even though being told that you are being laid off is a bitter pill to swallow at first, I  know in my heart that the circumstances at hand had nothing to do with me as a person or with my ability to perform my work
responsibilities. Therefore, I could walk away with my head held high feeling that I would leave a positive lasting impression on the lives that I have been privileged to touch.

 Remember, I prayed and asked God to lead me in the direction of my purpose. Well, I truly believe in my heart that this is His way of releasing me from my own personal bondage and giving me a much needed nudge towards being “FREE to be ME!”