Just recently, (or unless you live under a rock) we have all been shocked by and disheartened by the travesty of justice that recently played itself out in the media. This particular devastating outcome brought to mind and confirmed, despite the fact that although we have come a long way as a country, we still have a long way to go. Evidence of this can be seen in several recently released movies that helps to bring  to our attention not only several pivotal events  in our country’s history but also has raised awareness regarding recent events that point out just how far we still have to go. With that said, it is at this moment that I will pause and congratulate  Civil Rights Living Legend, Dr. C.T. Vivian on his recent selection as a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom for all of his courage and tireless work during
the American Civil Rights Movement. It is men like this that have helped to pave the way for equal rights in this country for all people.